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Gladiator 18-Inch Wire Baskets installs on Gladiator Wall Systems. The 18-Inch wide x 6.5-Inch high x 12-Inch deep Wire Basket holds bulky items and has a weight capacity rating of 35-Pounds per basket, based on lab test of 140-Pounds per basket. It is great for storing sports balls, spray bottles and other frequently used items up off the floor and within easy reach.

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Features Easy to Install on GearWall® Panels & GearTrack® Channels - A convenient small starter kit that helps get your gear off the floor and on the walls. Easy to Reposition on GearWall® Panels & GearTrack® Channels - Hooks, baskets and bins can be easily relocated on Gladiator® Wall Systems, without the use of tools, as storage needs change.
Compatibility Gladiator Wall Systems
Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty
UPC# 050946991788