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(Garage Flooring - Modular)

The last word in curb appeal. Gladiator® Tile Flooring snaps together easily allowing custom designs such as checkerboard patterns and borders in both under-vehicle and wall-to-wall applications.

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Surface Covered 0.371 m²
Finish Silver
Material Polypropylene
Additional Information • Hides Cracks and Stains - Unlike painting or spray-on flooring, garage floor tiles easily cover cracks in concrete
• Durable - Garage floor tiles won't chip or crack. They're rated to hold 250 lbs per square inch
• Chemical Resistance - Floor tiles are tested to resist common garage chemicals such as: gas, oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, lacquer thinner and herbicides
• Temperature - Garage floor tiles are tested to withstand extreme temperatures from 0 to 120 degrees
Width 12 inch(es) / 30.48 cm
Height 0.5 inch(es) / 1.27 cm
Depth 12 inch(es) / 30.48 cm
Warranty Ten Year Limited warranty
UPC# 50946963877